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The Cost Of Clothing

I never really considered all the “costs” of sewing or making clothes. This blog has made me think – and I always appreciate an idea which makes me reconsider something In a new way.

The sentiment reminds me of my desire to make presents. I like the idea of using my time and talents to make something for someone. I especially like to make presents for my children’s teachers. I hold teachers in such esteem. They stand in my place for the hours the kids are with them. Not only are they teaching my children academics, but also they provide structure and safety and comfort to the people I love most during the hours they spend together. I could go on forever. In short, I like to spend time using my hands creating something for them. It’s my way of showing my gratitude and appreciation for all they do.

To sum it up, I’m glad to be mindful of my hobby and all the costs and benefits that come along with it.


What is the cost of clothing?

There are so many dimensions to this question. There is the monetary cost of material, labor and design, as well as the political cost when cheap labor and/or hazardous materials are used in production. In some ways there is a social price we pay since fashion can be used to highlight or disguise us in a world of snap judgments. However, no matter how much we don’t like it we all have to wear clothes and they generally wear out.

The sewing community has taken this cycle and flipped it on its head. We’ve taken complete control over every aspect of our garments. We decide who will supply the design and materials and inject our own creativity. It’s up to us if we choose to use local, national, or international resources, and sometimes we look no further than our own imagination and skill. We…

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Sharing a Link to: Tutorial: Heat therapy pillow

Sharing a Link to: Tutorial: Heat therapy pillow

Simple project which requires minmal time, talent, fabric and money. Great TEACHER’s GIFTS! Can make 2 with a FAT QUARTER and 1/3 yd of muslin.



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